Your choice: winter vs summer

Gareth Moore

17 July 2023

It’s not every day you get a new golf bag. But what do you look for when your trusty decade-old bag eventually gives up the ghost?


In the pro shop, there are stand, pencil and cart bags from multiple brands to choose from. All different sizes with their own unique features. So how do you navigate weighing up your options?

Did you know that 86% of club golfers use a trolley when they play golf?

If you play with a trolley – either push or electric – you’re best off having a suitable cart bag attached and ready to go.

Others enjoy heading straight to the tee with a quick-and-easy stand bag over their shoulders. However, one thing is inevitable in the golfing world, our time on the course is largely ruled by the weather and seasonal conditions.

When the outdoors is drastically different during the winter months, you may want to head out with something more practical, such as the waterproof cart bag that has lots of space to carry all of your accessories.

Please read on as we consider the benefits of the latest Sun Mountain cart and stand bags as you’re using them during different seasons.


Your summer stand bag


You deserve to make the most of those pleasant summer rounds by heading out with the Eco-Lite EWP 4-way stand bag. This ‘Enhanced Weather Protection’ bag from Sun Mountain will protect all of your valuables thanks to the water-resistant fabric and waterproof zips. The high-density foam in the straps make carrying this bag over the course an absolute dream.



Another excellent choice from Sun Mountain is the H2NO Litespeed stand bag. As the name suggests, this bag is very portable and easy to maneuver. This bag is made with a lightweight nylon that helps keep you from feeling fatigue as you walk the course; The whole bag only weighs 2kg! This bag will also take care of all of your needs, there are 6 separate pockets as well as an umbrella, tee, and towel holders.


Your winter cart bag


Let’s face it, there’s less time of day to play in the winter and it’s pretty much guaranteed to be quite chilly outside. You need a durable cart bag to take to the course with you when the elements are proving to be a challenge.

Not unlike it’s stand bag counterpart, the Eco-Lite EWP cart bag features Sun Mountain’s ‘Enhanced Weather Protection’ polyester fabric. The waterproof zips will keep your gear in any of the 11 spacious pockets safe and bone dry.

Sun Mountain make quality bags, and this one has more than enough space for all your accessories. There’s a ventilated cooler pocket and a rangefinder pocket, as well as holders for an umbrella, towel, pens, tees, and glove.

The bag comes with a rainhood which will totally protect your clubs when they’re zipped away and resting in any of the 14-way dividers. It’s a large bag but not bulky at all, and the two grab handles make attaching it to and removing it from trolleys incredibly simple.

While we could spend all day weighing up the pros and cons of using each kind of bag at different times of the year, one thing is for certain, if you’re playing with a Sun Mountain bag you’ll be having a good time. If you’re thinking of getting yourself a new golf bag we’d be more than happy to walk you through your options and offer you our recommendations.

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