3 things golfers look for…

Gareth Moore

14 November 2022

Picture the scene: you walk into the pro shop and make a beeline for the bag section. What are you looking for? Maybe you hope to see a sleek-looking bag, or maybe your eyes are drawn towards a waterproof label. In this article, we’re breaking down what different golfers look for.


It seems the most obvious place to start if you’re literally looking at the bags, but how much do value do you put in style when selecting your new club carrier? From old-school favourites to sleek modern designs, every fashion-conscious golfer has a preference. What’s yours?


Whether fashion is your thing or not, you’ve got to be practical. You can have the most suave-looking bag in golf, but if you see those storm clouds rolling in and it’s not waterproof you’ll be kicking yourself!

Protective construction
Protective construction


This one is two-fold. To start, we want a bag that’s not weighing us down as we play golf; a lovely lightweight number. But we also want plenty of space to stash our on-course accessories; somewhere safe for our valuables, plenty of room for a spare sweater and so on.

Convenient carrying
Convenient carrying

What about if you want all three?

We don’t think one should come at the cost of the other, so we’ve got a solution: Sun Mountain Eco-Lite EWP bags. The looks are there for all to see, EWP actually stands for ‘Enhanced Weather Protection’ and, hidden inside the stylish, protective bag, you’ll find an abundance of pocket space in a lightweight design. That’s literally every single box ticked!

The EWP technology, which keeps the rain out while you’re playing, features in all three of the bags in this range. As for pockets, both stand bags (4-way & 14-way) have five spacious pockets and the cart bag has ELEVEN, with all of them having purpose-built ones like the velour-lined valuables pocket.

Sun Mountain Eco-Lite EWP bags
Sun Mountain Eco-Lite EWP bags

You can choose from these designs as well as various other Sun Mountain bags, so make sure you visit us in the pro shop for a closer look.

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